HE001: Various Artists – ‘Trains Of Thought'(Compilation)

Albino Sound

Human Endeavour is the newest addition to Ransom Note Records’ family of sub-labels. Curated and run by Ransom Note Editor, and one half of DJ duo Kiara Scuro, Rosie Ama Cain, the label will be a “space for artists who are exploring the dark, deep and hypnotic corners of the musical spectrum.”

For the inaugural release, six artists have come together for ‘Trains Of Thought’: a Various Artists EP that gives a window into some of the sounds, styles and names that you’ll be hearing on the label in the future.

Maputo-based beat-maker Nandele is tasked with opening the release. Working predominantly with analog equipment to craft his raw, unfolding compositions, the hypnotic bubbling groove and whirring bleeps of ‘Incomati’ ebb and flow, just like the river it’s inspired by that runs through his home of Mozambique.

This is swiftly followed by Albino Sound’s contribution. ‘VAV’ is a slice of metallic UK techno that showcases the Tokyo-based producer’s deftness at sound design. Full of clangs, bleeps and sounds, these textural elements are propped up by staccato drum programming and a bouncy low-end.

Geneva producer Reda Saiarh then boldly steers the EP on a different course. A lover of New Beat – born from digging through his father’s record collection – Reda offers up his own fresh take on the iconic Belgian sound with the most vibrant cut on the EP. ‘Kiki’ is powered by a sassy vocal lead which sits over signature new beat stabs, a raw, resonant bass line and punchy kicks.

The pace picks up as we reach the halfway mark of the release. London duo Double Helix follow up their debut release on Slow Dance with sophomore single ‘Doppelgänger’. Drawing inspiration from 90s acid electronica, the pair pit the iconic sound of the Roland 303 against darker industrial tones, Balearic synths and a relentless, pulsating motorik beat.

The momentum continues on ‘The Moon And The Sun’. Crafted by Anatolian Weapons, the Grecian master of moody electronics and mind behind projects such as Dream Weapons and Fantastikoi Hxoi, the track takes cues from EBM and Industrial, matching ominous chugging bass with an intoxicating synth lead and incessant percussion.

Berlin vocalist and producer ANGST vor GRETA brings things to a close with the psychedelic Cold Wave of ‘Infinity’. Atmospheric pads and an eerie synth line are punctuated by crisp percussion and a steady beat, while ghostly wolf howls and Greta’s sultry, whispered spoken word evoke an overall sense of mystique.

Human Endeavour, a name inspired by a mathematics talk penned by Rosie’s late father, which drew its own inspiration from quotes by Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking, works on the belief that as long as there’s life there will be creative endeavour, and that no matter what you create, the action of bringing something into the world is an achievement in itself.

This idea is echoed in the music policy. Though it will swirl around sounds like minimal wave, acid, chugging rhythms, UK techno, EBM and post-punk, the output will primarily be driven by mood and feeling rather than genre tags.

To celebrate the launch of the label, on Wednesday 29th June there will be a launch party at The Shacklewell Arms in Dalston, with Double Helix (live), Rosie Ama and special guests.

The artwork, which plays on the juxtaposition of man-made and natural textures, was created by designer Sam Bailey: sailey.work